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Set up a company abroad process can open up a world of opportunities for businesses, looking to expand their reach and access new markets. With the assistance of Astorts Group, a leading company formation service provider, all processes become streamlined and efficient. We are offering comprehensive services to ensure a smooth transition into international markets to enable a client to focus on their core business development.

Benefits of setting up a company abroad with Astorts Group

Partnering with Astorts Group for company formation abroad offers numerous benefits. Our team’s years of experience and professionalism enable us to choose greater jurisdiction with a form of ownership that best suits to individual client criteria.

  1. Worldwide Reach. Our company enables entrepreneurs to establish a presence in global international markets, enhancing key reach with accessibility to new opportunities.
  2. Tax Optimization. With our professional knowledge of international tax laws area, businesses can benefit from tax optimization strategies, potentially reducing their tax liabilities.
  3. Asset Protection. Establishing a company abroad can diversify your legal jurisdiction and protect your assets from domestic risks.
  4. Operational suppleness. International implementation allows entrepreneurs to adapt to changing market conditions, regulatory environments, customer preferences, providing implementation with greater operational flexibility.
  5. Access to skilled staff. Entering overseas markets provides access to a diverse talent pool, which in turn drives innovation and competitiveness.

Establishing an overseas company with Astorts Group offers many advantages, from expert guidance or global reach to tailored solutions or cost-effectiveness. By leaving register a company to our professionals, clients can embark on a way of growth, knowing that a reliable partner is every step by your side.

Step-by-step process

Setting Up a business or company abroad is a crucial step in business development. However, complexities of the tax system or the peculiarities of jurisdictions can become a problem or a reason for refusal of the registration process. Our company has many years of experience, in making comprehensive processes clearer, easier, and faster.

Step 1: Initial consultation

The path to registration of a foreign company begins with discussing business goals with Astorts Group professionals. During this consultation, we will discuss potential target markets, preferences for jurisdiction, company structure, then our experts will provide recommendations tailored to individual needs.

Step 2: Choosing a jurisdiction

Choosing a country is important for doing business successfully. Astorts Group conducts a thorough search with analysis to identify jurisdictions that meet your business goals to offer a favorable regulatory environment, tax regime, with market opportunities. We will assist in choosing the jurisdiction that best suits the criteria.

Step 3: Documentation and compliance

When the choice of jurisdiction is done, we will provide preparation and submission of necessary paperwork for registration of the abroad company. This includes the preparation of association’s articles, shareholders’ agreement, or any other legal documents required in the chosen jurisdiction. We will provide compliance with local regulations, laws ensuring a smooth and efficient company formation process.

Step 4: Company registration

Once all paperwork is done, we will facilitate the company registration process in selected jurisdiction, working with local regulators to speed up the registration process, minimize delays, ensure that new abroad company is legally registered and ready to do business.

Step 5: Support after registration

Setting up a company abroad is just the beginning of an international business journey. Astorts Group can provide constant assistance to ensure business prosperity in the new environment. From tax compliance or accounting services to corporate governance or regulatory compliance, we offer a full range of post-establishment services tailored to your needs.

Step 6: Expansion and growth

After successfully establishing a business abroad, we can support new business initiatives. Whether it’s business development, entering new markets, or looking for strategic partnerships, we can provide strategic guidance and practical solutions to achieve business goals.

Setting up a company abroad in the Astorts Group is a systematic and structured process aimed at reducing risks, maximizing opportunities, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. By entrusting development to our experienced team, our clients can confidently begin a path of global growth, knowing that a reliable partner will accompany on every step of the way.


Company incorporation abroad involves a strategic decision-making process. With numerous options available, understanding the unique advantages of each country is essential. Here it is potential jurisdictions:

  1. United Arab Emirates (UAE). Known for its business-friendly environment and tax benefits, the UAE offers several options for company formation, including mainland, free zones, and offshore jurisdictions. With no corporate or income tax, full repatriation of profits, 100% foreign ownership in free zones, the UAE is attractive for companies seeking a presence in the Middle East.
  2. United Kingdom (UK). As a leading financial center with a stable and reliable legal system, the UK offers credibility and access to European markets. Various business structures, such as limited liability companies and partnerships, cater to diverse business needs.
  3. Singapore: A global innovation hub with strategic location and political stability. Singapore offers low corporate tax rates, ease of doing business, and access to Asia-Pacific markets.
  4. United States of America (USA). Companies benefit from a stable regulatory environment, access to capital markets with a large consumer base in the world’s largest economy.
  5. Canada. With a stable economy and skilled staff, Canada provides a favorable business environment for companies seeking to enter North American markets.
  6. Hong Kong: Provides access to global markets, a simple tax regime, and a reliable legal framework. Strategic location, free flow of capital, and low tax rates make Hong Kong an attractive choice.
  7. China. A rapidly developing economy offers significant opportunities for growth and expansion, particularly in technology, manufacturing, and e-commerce sectors.
  8. Kazakhstan. Grants access to emerging markets, abundant natural resources, and government incentives for foreign investors. With a stable political climate and efforts to improve the business environment, Kazakhstan provides opportunities for companies looking to expand in Central Asia.
  9. Offshore Jurisdictions. Offer favorable tax regimes, confidentiality, and asset protection for international business.

Before initiating the registration process for an overseas company, it’s crucial to determine the form of presence in the chosen country, whether it be a trust, representation, organization, foundation, or other entity. Different choice of presence form may affect the required documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of setting up an overseas company?

Abroad businesses can give access to new markets, better tax systems, and diversification of business operations, which allows companies to grow.

How long does it take?

Depends on the jurisdiction and the complexity of individual cases. But our professionals make every company setting as easy and fast as possible.

Do I have to go to the chosen jurisdiction to set business?

Depends on a case, but often physical presence is not required, most of the process goes remotely, saving time and resources.


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