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Today individuals and business owners have the opportunity to conduct business beyond their country's borders because of development of information technologies. A favorable tax system, stable political-economic environment, or loyal laws can be the basis for good business opportunities.

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Licensing commercial activities is an integral stage for many companies, especially in the financial area, but often it is not easy to navigate through the entire process from scratch with not break the rules. Astorts Group provides expert support in obtaining necessary licenses, ensuring legality with transparency of business processes.

License types

To ensure business operations legality and transparency, almost every commercial requires mandatory licensing. To conduct activities by requirements, companies, especially those operating in the field of financial services, must obtain relevant licenses. Our company ensures safety and legality to clients in business operations, providing expert assistance in obtaining various types of licenses:

  1. PSP/EMI Licenses. PSP (Payment Service Provider) or EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licenses are necessary to companies operating in area of electronic payments. We provide step-by-step support, starting from initial consultation to obtaining the final license.
  2. Crypto Licenses. Cryptocurrency operations with blockchain technologies today have become commonplace. Entrepreneurs appreciate the opportunity for convenient work with digital assets and increasingly use them in their daily activities. We assist companies in license reception for cryptocurrency exchange, storage of digital assets, conducting ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in compliance with regulatory conditions.
  3. Hedge Fund. Managing a hedge fund also requires a specific documents. Our company provides comprehensive support in obtaining licenses for hedge fund management, including preparation of necessary documentation and consultations on requirements.

A profitable economy facilitates opportunities for successful commercial transactions. We are a reliable partner in the field of commercial activity licensing in required country. The expertise of our professionals will ensure safety at all stages of licensing support, guaranteeing compliance with all requirements.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Private business owners or companies facing difficulties with registering overseas activities. Challenges may also appear in other areas, such as creating right customer-oriented strategy or opening a new company. When choosing a partner to obtain licenses, it is important to turn to professionals capable of providing efficient safe support throughout the process. We are a company with years of experience in licensing, offering clients high-quality services and a personalized approach to each project:

  • Expert support. Our team consists of experienced specialists with deep knowledge of licensing regulations. We guarantee quality support at all stages of process, from the beginning to the acquisition;
  • Individual service. We understand that each business is unique, so we offer individual solutions tailored to specifics of your activities and regulatory requirements. We aim to achieve your goals and satisfy your needs to maximum extent;
  • Transparency and accountability. We give honest and objective information about regulatory requirements and always adhere to high standards of ethics and professionalism;
  • Timely task completion. We understand of time importance for our clients, so we always strive to complete tasks on time and promptly respond to any inquiries. We aim for efficient resolution of all issues to minimize waiting time and ensure promptness;
  • Ongoing support. Our support does not end after obtaining the license. We are ready to help you solve any issues and provide necessary expert consultation at all stages of your activity.

Astorts Group is your reliable partner in the field of commercial activity licensing. We guarantee high-quality services, professional support, and full compliance with all regulatory requirements.


Countries interested in developing their economies offer various favorable conditions to entrepreneurs. Therefore, choosing appropriate jurisdiction for conducting business is a decisive factor in license reception for commercials. Different countries have different requirements for licensing and regulating business. Here is a list of popular countries for obtaining licenses:

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE offers broad opportunities for business due to its high level of economic development and business infrastructure. Our company helps companies obtain the necessary paperwork to operate in the UAE, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, providing access to attractive regional markets and investment opportunities;
  • United Kingdom (UK). UK, particularly London, is one of the key financial centers in the world. We provide services in the UK, giving access to a large and diverse market;
  • Singapore. Singapore is one of the most dynamic and innovative markets in Southeast Asia. Our company assists companies in license reception to operate in Singapore, providing access to promising regional investment opportunities;
  • United States of America (USA). USA is a largest market in the global economy with diverse business opportunities. Our company offers services for reception of licenses to operate in the USA, including states with various requirements for financial services;
  • Canada. That country offers a stable economic environment for business. We providing companies reception of licenses to operate in Canada, providing access to a large diverse market
  • Hong Kong. It is significant financial center in Asia being a global trading hub. Our company provides consultation and assistance in Hong Kong, providing access to promising regional markets;
  • China. The world’s largest market with enormous business potential. Our company helps companies obtain the necessary permits to operate in China, providing access to the world’s largest market;
  • Kazakhstan. Nowadays, a key regional market with promising investment opportunities. Our company provides all necessary services in Kazakhstan, providing access to an attractive regional market;
  • Offshore jurisdictions. Offers flexible and favorable conditions for conducting business. Our company providing services in offshore jurisdictions, providing clients with competitive advantages and confidentiality protection.

Different countries have different requirements for licensing and regulating business. It is important to consult professionals with expertise in this field. Astorts Group provides its clients with information and support in choosing the most suitable jurisdictions and obtaining the necessary licenses, serving as your reliable partner.


We are a Consulting Service Firm based in Dubai, Singapore and London with Affiliates and Partners in many World Financial Capital City.