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Accounting services

Nowadays, possibilities of growing business are not limited by only one country. For successful work is important to pay taxes on time. Astorts Group has multiple years of providing high-quality bookkeeping and accounting services with full compliance with the current legislation.

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Every country has its own legislative framework, according to which companies are required to keep tax records. Our company currently helping to improve business management, based on relevant information in:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Kazakhstan
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Offshore

Astorts Group take over all the accounting paperwork, providing services based on the current tax system. This allows our clients focus on achievement their business goals or development.


Our services based on using modern IT solutions of extensive experience of our specialists in the field of accounting. Leave to us:

  • financial statement preparation;
  • budgeting;
  • forecasting.

There is no any of necessity for clients to study the legislative system in a new country or monitor changes in laws, we do it. Having Inhouse license, we guarantee our help with achieving financial goals on a way to new lifestyle.


Quality bookkeeping is the base for successful business operations worldwide. The process includes accurate reflection of financial transactions, control of debts or liabilities, as well as the preparation of timely accurate reporting. Professional and accurate accounting is the foundation for successful business operations worldwide. We are offering:

  • explanation of the bookkeeping services, including accounts payable or receivable, payroll processing, bank reconciliation;
  • entering or receiving vendor bills or payments to vendor;
  • sales order generation, invoicing;
  • bank and credit card reconciliation;
  • generation of purchase order or accounts payable report;
  • general ledger maintenance, inventory maintenance.

Also, we are providing VAT Returns services, order generation, receiving payments with many others in order to allow clients to concentrate on their primary business growth as well as reducing operational expenses.


Knowledge and understanding of tax obligations are important for foreign companies. Here are the several reasons:

  1. Doing business in accordance with local regulations. Ignorance of the laws or misunderstanding of them can lead to fines or even business closure.
  2. Payment’s optimization. Knowledge of local taxes allows companies to optimize it and seek more preferences, improving cash flow.
  3. Planning for business development strategy. Tax knowledge allows companies to develop their strategies that help achieve their business goals, such as international development, profit growth, or maximizing investments.
  4. Risk minimization. Misunderstanding of tax obligations or incorrect accounting of them can lead to financial risks or problems with tax authorities. Careful knowledge of taxes helps companies to prevent such risks, minimizing potential financial losses.
  5. International Business Development. Understanding the aspects of international transactions is important for successful interaction with international partners, customers or suppliers. This contributes to building trust within cooperation in global markets.

Our tax professionals fully understand the local taxation laws.  Having experience in tax practices and tax advisory, we can assist clients in solving tax issues from foreign countries, identify operating risks or opportunities.


We are a Consulting Service Firm based in Dubai, Singapore and London with Affiliates and Partners in many World Financial Capital City.