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About us

We aim to continue the tradition of trust and honesty that drove us to do business.

We have not only deals with clients; we build relationships, relationships that are marked with a promise to put in our maximum and see our clients succeeding.

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“I’m proud that our company functions as a great team. Our common purpose is to make our every Client happy, and ongoing development, effectiveness growth, professional capacity, and skills perpetual upgrade helps us to perform at our best”.

Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola,

Astorts Group Team

We are a Consulting Service Firm based in London, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, with Affiliates and Partners in many World Financial Capital City.

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We help our customers with a diverse set of services ranging from consulting to managerial support.

With our years of experience in making a difference and meeting expectations, we have mastered the art of setting and managing businesses successfully worldwide.



What sets us apart, isn’t our work rituals merely, it’s also the values and principles we stands for.

Key areas that we operate in include: United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Estonia, Seychelles, BVI and Belize.

Why Astorts


Your all-in-one Fintech Solution

Whatever Your financial goal is, we will drive You there. Having Inhouse license, Inhouse software and huge practical experience we can support You with all You need on Your way to a new lifestyle.


Openness We are open and transparent

You will appreciate our comprehensive approach which helps us to build long-term and faithful relations with our Clients.



We systematically analyze our work and improve our service quality. The symbiosis of constructive criticism and lavish praise stimulates us to perform even more efficiently. You will get working bespoke solutions provided by ASTORTS team and trusted professionals worldwide.



One of the fundamental principles of ASTORTS management and strategic development is customer-centricity. You will always receive an individual approach, while Your success is the most breath-taking destination for us.

Professionalism ASTORTS is based on the 15 years of practical experience of our leader – Mr. Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola and highly professional, motivated, and talented team. We break stereotypes and useless redundant rules but greatly appreciate innovation and technology. The privilege to work in ASTORTS team means self-confidence, development, and readiness to give comprehensive solutions.



For the sake of briefness we define it as follows – ASTORTS team wants to be worthy of respect!


We are a Consulting Service Firm based in Dubai, Singapore and London with Affiliates and Partners in many World Financial Capital City.